18 January 2015
UAE, Dubai
Dear Customers, we are currently facing technical glitch with our Telephone System. Please send all your concerns through an Email at info@skynetworldwide.net or call these emergency mobile numbers: 055 4970660, 052 6407698, 052 6407697, 026 426602...more 
19 February 2013
Due to the 48 hours all India labour strike, there will be no picups and deliveries on 20 and 21 February...more 
14 February 2013
The entire island of Singapore is experiencing heavy downpour this afternoon which may cause scattered ...more 
5 February 2013
Australia, North Queensland
Flooding within the Bundaberg region of North Queensland has caused extensive damage to roads & buildings ...more 
4 December 2012
Iran, Tehran
Please be informed that due to highly Air Pollution in Tehran city & suburbs, the government has forced all schools ...more 
26 November 2012
Qatar, Doha
Please be informed that the UN Climate Change Conference is expected to begin from tomorrow till 7th of December ...more 
15 November 2012
Mozambique, service delays
Please be advised that rioting has broken out in Maputo due to increase in public transport costs ...more 
12 November 2012
Spain, Strikes
Please be advised that for Wednesday November 14th, all major trade unions have announced a General Strike in Spain ...more 
5 November 2012
Greece, strikes
Please note that a General 48 hour strike throughout Greece has been announced ...more 
2 October 2012
South Africa, Strikes
The national transport industry is on strike in South Africa. Deliveries and collections will be affected during the strikes...more 
20 September 2012
India, strikes
Due to strikes called by political party in India, SkyNet hyderabad (HYD) and Kolkata (CCU) offices will be closed...more  
1 August 2012
Effective first of August 2012 SkyNet Worldwide Express has fully fledged SkyNet operations in Iraq more 
9 March 2012
Bangladesh, Dhaka service interuptions on 12 March expected
For 12th March oppositions have called a grand political showdown across Dhaka city... more 
7 March 2012
Strikes in South Africa
We will be experiencing delays on inbound, and outbound clearance... more
26 January 2012
Strikes in Italy
Strikes in parts of Italy continues. The most considerable delays affect... more
23 January 2012
Mozambique services affected by tropical cyclones
Due to the two tropical cyclones that have hit the Mozambique coast this past week... more