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Shipping: Packaging Guide > Packaging Tips
The DO's
- Choose the size of the package according to its content. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse; overloaded ones may burst. Always use high quality materials for your shipments. Consider strength, cushioning, and durability when selecting your wrapping supplies.External boxes should be made of a tough and tear resistant material.

- Make use of cushioning materials, especially to stop your packaging contents from moving. Put a layer of at least 5 cm of cushioning material on the bottom of the box. Delicate and heavier items will require more cushioning on the bottom, sides and top of the box. Put fragile goods in the centre of a package; ensuring they don't touch the sides. Your item should be well cushioned on all sides.

- Ensure liquids are stored in leak-free containers, packed with a lightweight, strong, internal material (for example, Styrofoam) and sealed with a plastic bag. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items.

- Seal semi-liquids, greasy or strong-smelling substances with adhesive tape, then wrap in grease resistant paper. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items.

- Use "arrow-up" label for non-solid materials.

- Ensure there are no sharp, protruding edges or points. Cover such surfaces with firmly taped corrugated panels or pads to blunt them. Then seal package securely by applying three 5 cm wide, pressure-sensitive strips of plastic tape to the top and bottom of the package.

- Check the weight specification of the package and do not exceed the limit. Make sure the packaging is in no way damaged (used damaged boxes can lose 30% to 60% of their strength) and that all box flaps are intact.

- Do Not Forget: Before sealing your consignment please put an additional copy of the address label inside the package that shows the shipper's address and phone number together with the recipient's address and phone (or fax) number. You may also wish to insert a business card or your letterhead in the package and this will help us if the outer address label becomes detached in transit.

- Protect your data discs, audio and video-tapes with soft cushioning material around each item.

- Complete the address clearly and completely, using uppercase letters when handwriting labels to improve readability for SkyNet WWE personnel.

- Use an address label/House Airway Bill that has both the recipient's address and your return address clearly marked. Always include the post code and telephone details of the recipient on the consignment note and delivery address label. The post code must be for a street address and we cannot deliver to post office boxes. In the Middle East region, a Telephone number is essential for delivering packages promptly.
The Dont's
- Do not use bags made of fabric or cloth.

- Do not over seal your shipment making it difficult to open.

- The customs authorities reserve the right to open all shipments for inspection.

- SkyNet WWE accepts shipments that have either used the original manufacturer's packaging or those of the shipper. Please consider the above guidelines to ensure your consignment moves safely through our system and for additional information or assistance please contact your local GWE Express customer representative.

- Do not consider "Fragile" and "Handle with care" labels as a substitute for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.
* Please call your local SkyNet WWE customer service centre for details of the maximum item weights and destinations allowed when using our premium services.