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Shipping: Packaging Advice
Shipping: Packaging Advice
SkyNet WWE is committed to delivering your shipments with speed and care. However, shipments are handled regularly, passing through many locations as they cross the world. All shipments you send with SkyNet WWE are carried with items sent by other users of our service on numerous vehicles and will be sorted in our warehouse. In order to make sure your shipments arrive in the best possible condition, we have some helpful advice on packing in this section. 
Your goods must therefore be effectively packed and appropriately labeled for us to deliver them in perfect condition. Please refer to the packaging guidelines listed here and ensure your goods are properly protected for the handling that is involved in our network to enable us to provide a perfect on-time delivery service. You can also call your local SkyNet WWE Customer Service department and our well trained team of agents will be pleased to provide advice about how to pack your goods.
Please note that SkyNet WWE will accept no liability for the packaging advice it provides. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.
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